Jäneda Manor offers an opportunity to organise conferences, seminars and events in a location with beautiful scenery and colourful history, as well as various options for active recreation.

Jäneda village with its 660-year-old history of culture offers joy of discovery both for those who value peacefulness and for those who seek thrilling experiences.

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The stable of Jäneda Manor, built in 1888, is now used as a tavern, which can seat 300 guests at tables.

Unique atmosphere, delicious food and gracious hosts are always there for you.

The tavern is perfect for company Christmas parties, winter outings, catering tourist groups, etc.

For us, the good quality of cooking and service are equally important. We are flexible and willing to set the table both for a small group and for a thousand of eaters.

In addition to the Black Stallion Stable and the hall in the mansion, we also serve coffee, soft drinks and snacks in the seminar rooms.

Guest house

The guests of Jäneda Manor can be accommodated in the guest house, which can house up to 120 guests. In addition to lodging, our guests will find here a small relaxation-spa. For hikers and nature lovers we offer a camping site.

Conference service

Jäneda Manor offers a variety of rooms for conferences and seminars, the largest of which has 200 seats in theatre style.

Our conference facilities are suitable for large conferences, seminars with a varying number of participants, briefings, meetings and presentations as well as for smaller receptions or gala events.

The Garden and Flower Show in Jäneda, 27.-28. May 2023

For fourteen consecutive years, Jäneda has been offering for everyone interested in gardening and landscaping a great opportunity to purchase interesting and useful goods in a quick and pleasant way. The annual number of visitors is 10,000. For people with a deeper interest in the field, we offer an opportunity to listen to relevant and topical lectures by specialists and this year, too, we will share knowledge by giving demonstrations of practical work.

In addition to the goods needed in parks, gardens and flower beds, we have tried to offer our guests a selection of handicrafts and natural food. For this we have earned a lot of praise from foreign visitors, whose number has grown year by year. We will try to meet the expectations this year as well. A modern fair offers also a large variety of manufactured goods. The high attendance of that area of the fairgrounds clearly shows the need for such service.

Estonian Farm Days, 29.07.-30.07. 2023

The last weekend of July is marked as Estonian Farm Days in the calendar of very many people more or less involved in agriculture, this year for the 22nd time already. We have thus organised a major event of a very long tradition at the same place with no interruption. Over the years we have made some changes in the program, organised various contests and competitions, but the pleasant tradition and the joy of meeting friends have remained the same.

Jäneda Autumn Fair, 09. September 2023

The autumn fair has always delighted its visitors with a wide range of all things fresh and colourful that an autumn garden can offer. Onions grown at Lake Peipsi and braids smelling intensely of garlic are just a couple of the most popular and demanded goods. A variety of smoked meats, quail and fish are mandatory in the basket one has to haul to the car to be taken home.

The exhibition of potato and apple varieties has traditionally offered an opportunity to enjoy new tastes and experiences. It will be the same this year.

Tour in the Manor

Duration: about 1 hour

Group size: max 40 people

Price: 50 €

Description: Jäneda Manor has been the heart of Jäneda village for a long time. The latest manor house was built by Johan von Benckendorff during the period of 1913-1915. The manor has been put down in history greatly due to Mrs Maria Zakrevskaya Benckendorff and her adventurous life. She was related to an attempted murder of Lenin and had relationships with the world famous writers Maxim Gorky and H. G. Wells. The best overview of Jäneda can be obtained at the Jäneda Museum. The exhibition of the family that last owned the manor is especially plentiful. An important part of the exhibition is also related to the history of the first agricultural secondary school in Estonia, as a large number of politicians and agricultural scientists have studied in Jäneda. Arnold Rüütel, President of Estonia, is also an alumnus of Jäneda.



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