Garden and Flower Days

For twenty years in a row, Jäneda has been offering all those interested in gardening and landscaping, of whom there are ~10,000 every year, an excellent opportunity to quickly and pleasantly purchase necessary and interesting goods from Jäneda.
In addition to the goods needed in the park, garden and flower bed, we have tried to offer our guests a selection of interesting handicrafts and more natural food products. We have received a lot of praise in this regard from the foreign visitors who have increased every year, so we will try to justify it this year as well. A modern fair also includes a large selection of various industrially produced goods, the high number of visitors to the territory of this fair clearly shows the need to provide such a necessary service.

Thank you to all participants and see you soon 25.-26.05.2024!

  • Aia- ja lillepäevad Jänedal
  • Aia- ja lillepäevad Jänedal
Aia- ja lillepäevad Jänedal